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Established in 2002, Guangzhou Yulin Leading Co., Ltd is a Manufacturer with over 15 years’ experience in the manufacturing of high quality diamond tools. We always focus on the professional, special and valued diamond tools.

Our diamond tools are produced by the most advanced technology. We use only the highest quality diamond available.

Guangzhou Yulin Leading Co., Ltd

      We offer a full line of Diamond Polishing Pads, Diamond Grinding Tools, Diamond Cutting Tools, Diamond Profile Router Bits, Drill Bits, Cup Wheels, CNC Tooling, Backer pads and more for the industries of Granite, Marble, Porcelain, Concrete, and more… for automatic machines as well as hand-held equipment.

Concrete polishing tools Concrete polishing tools Concrete polishing tools Concrete polishing tools

For improving the efficiency to quickly remove stock and for increasing the durable life of pad set significantly, we innovate resin-metal-bond polishing pads, available from 30#, 50# 100#,200# to 400#, and available both by wet and by dry.

diamond polishing pads

They are made from pregnant diamond metal chips with unique resin bond. They are heat compressed into a mould.

This is a new kind of high capability pads welcomed by our consumers with very much interest. They can be applied to excellent fabrication of marble, concrete, terrazzo, and granite. Our Router Bits for Angle Grinder are designed with a composite elasticity gasket so they work on stone with vibration-proof.

diamond cutting tools

Our Vacuum Brazed Diamond technology controls the exposure (from 50% up to 80% on requested) and spacing of diamond crystals to assure fast cutting with no loading.

diamond profiling tools

Vacuum Brazed Diamond Tools get metallurgy hold of diamond crystals. Our brazed bond prevents stripping, peeling or pulling out of diamond crystals which increases tool life significantly and keeping the shape of tool.

Our Vacuum Brazed Diamond tools are unequaled when used on abrasive materials, stone, tile, marble or granite.

Our Vacuum Brazed Diamond tools are in excellent performance for specifically for engineering materials such as reinforced fiber composites, hard rubber, hard plastic, carbon fiber composites, Kevlar, graphite, glass…

Vacuum Brazed Diamond tools are your productivity. They are the best to replace electroplated Diamond Tools which are only a weak mechanical hold of diamond crystals.

Step up to and go on with our Vacuum Brazed Diamond Tools!

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